Find Your Path

Are you brand new to marketing and not sure where to take your skills? Already a wizened marketing warlock ready to lead a team toward success?

We’ve created a career map to help you see all the places you could go at Inflow!

Read more about Inflow’s current career paths below.

Our Service Teams

Inflow’s staff fall under three different teams, based on their area of expertise:


Paid Ads


While many of our team members specialize in one of these areas, cross-department collaboration is the name of the game here. Our Google Ads marketers understand the basics of SEO, and our paid social experts incorporate conversion optimization principles into their work.

Why? It’s because we believe that real results come from a full-funnel, multi-pronged strategy. In the same vein, we also encourage all of our staff members to continually develop their digital marketing skills, and we’ll provide a training budget to help you get to where you want to be.

Your Career Path

Whichever team you join, you’ll have a clear map of where you can go, based on Inflow’s internal structure and your own career goals.

While the positions below are helpful for career planning, we always offer room to map out your own future within our team. Want to spearhead a new service line? See a new opportunity to add value to clients and our agency? We’ll help you make it a reality.


Interested in digital marketing, but not sure where to start? Inflow’s internship program is a three-month, full-time paid opportunity for you to cut your teeth in the field of your choosing.

Do real, meaningful work for our clients, and learn the basics of agency marketing from true industry professionals. Think project management, reporting, analysis, and more — all the important, behind-the-scenes stuff that makes the machine run.

And, since Inflow is a fully remote team, you’ll do it all from the comfort of your own home.



Our SEO, Paid Ads, and CRO Coordinators are the task-tacklers of our agency. They dig daily into management platforms, handle campaigns for some of our most important clients, and make strategic recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

No two days are the same for our coordinators. We give them the space and freedom to not only make campaign adjustments on they fly but to also start crafting client strategies based on data analysis — all under the leadership of our experienced, helpful strategists.



Our SEO, Paid Ads, and CRO Strategists are burgeoning gurus who embody the heart of what Inflow does.

As equal parts white-gloved client management expert, analytical Google geek, and never-quite-satisfied optimization driver, our strategists work hand-in-hand with clients to brainstorm comprehensive strategies and roadmaps to achieve those clients’ goals — and deliver the ROI to make them giddy.


Senior Strategist

Our SEO, Paid Ads, and CRO Strategists are on the cutting edge of what’s possible in their industries. Not only can they jump on a call with a CEO and spell out the value of what we do, but they’re also just as comfortable teaching others on the team their hacks and knowledge.

First and foremost, our Sr. Strategists are experts. They’re almost mythical in their mastery of complex strategies, and they lead the way with our largest eCommerce clients. Challenges don’t phase them; they just sit down in front of their monitors, crack their knuckles, and get to it — optimizing, executing, and everything in between.



Our SEO, Paid Ads, and CRO Managers are masters at what they do. They’re the ultimate mentors, teachers, and sharers of sage wisdom in their fields. In short, they’ve been there, done that.

As a result, it’s our managers’ responsibility to assist members of their team with thinking through problems — how to manage client issues, how to best use new tools and software, or simply how to think strategically about complex campaigns.

Our managers aren’t there to hand out answers. Instead, they help empower other staff members to figure it out with creativity, insights, and more.


Senior Manager

What our managers do, our SEO, Paid Ads, and CRO Senior Managers take on two-fold. They’re not just experts in their field; they’re masters of managing clients and direct reports, too.

Our senior managers are typically responsible for supporting larger groups of team members and guiding them to client success. They also work hand-in-hand with our directors to keep a pulse on team morale, client performance, and more.



Our SEO, Paid Ads, and CRO Directors are the best of the best. That’s why we trust them with the success of their entire department.

Inflow’s directors are always searching for strategies to improve our team skills, service offerings, and more. They ensure our teams have the resources needed to run efficiently and effectively, and they promote our service lines by serving as the go-to thought leader.

In short, our directors create the environment needed for the next generation of marketing experts to develop and flex their skills — through ongoing support, training, and mastery of the Agile lifestyle.

Does one of these roles sound like the perfect fit? Check out our open positions today to join the Inflow team today.