Join Our Contractor & Freelancer Team!

As an Agile agency, Inflow focuses on providing stellar services
to our clients, whatever that scope may be.

In order to match that ever-changing workload, we’ve made
contractors an integral part of our agency team.

We’re always looking for experts in Google Analytics,
PPC, paid social, SEO, and more to help us deliver
outstanding results for our eCommerce clients.

If you’re seeking a long-term, part-time position at an award-winning
digital marketing agency, check out our open positions today.

What You Can Expect

Inflow’s contractors don’t play second fiddle to our full-time employees. On the contrary, our
contractors and freelancers are valuable members of our team — and are treated as such.

We’re always expanding and improving our contractor experience, with focus on a few key benefits.

Competitive Pay, Without Delay

Our contractors and freelancers bring incredible insights
and expertise to our team. So, we make sure to pay
them appropriately.

All of our part-time contractors are paid fair market rates for their
work in a timely manner. You’ll never have to wait months
between paychecks; you’ll receive your payment within 3–5
business days of sending your invoice (pending staff approval).


Dependable Hours

As a part-time Inflower, you’ll be crucial in helping our service
teams flex up or down to meet client needs. But that doesn’t
mean your hours will be unpredictable.

When you work for Inflow, you can depend on a predictable
range of work from month to month. Whatever your desired floor
of dependability is, we’ll do our best to make it happen. And, if
your hours are expected to change, we’ll always give you plenty
of notice — just like we do for our full-time employees.

Clear Assignments (& Tools to Do Them Right)

All of our client deliverables come with clear instructions, a
to-do “checklist,” and workable templates. You’ll also have
direct access to our other team members, who will provide
tips, recommendations, and feedback along the way.

Of course, you’ll be given all the data and tools you need to
complete these deliverables, as well.

Team Benefits & Support

We consider our part-time contractors as part of our Inflow
family. Therefore, many of them are added to our company
Slack, get access to our suite of digital marketing tools, and
participate in our sprint-planning and client meetings.

If there’s anything else you need to get the job done, we’re
happy to provide the support and resources that will help
you do your best.

Join our part-time contractor team by applying today.