Our Commitments to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Community

At Inflow, we believe it’s our differences that make us stronger. That’s why we’re committed to fostering a work environment that welcomes people of all backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences. We celebrate what makes every team member unique, and we want you to feel comfortable being yourself — because we like you that way.

To that end, Inflow is continually refining and expanding our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and community impact with a dedicated team and actionable initiatives.

Our goal: Create sustainable, immediate impact for our staff, our clients, and our industry as a whole — and inspire far-reaching effects to create the better world we want to see.

Commitments to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Community

Diversity: Inflow By the Numbers

We believe our team should look like the communities we live in. And, as our fully remote team expands across the United States, we’re improving on that goal every day.

Average Employee Age: 34, Leadership roles held by women 100%, Management roles held by women 80%, Gender split 50% men 50% women Employee race/ethnicity: 20% hispanic/latinx, 80% white

To keep bringing more voices to the table, we actively advertise and reach out to candidates of varying races, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and more with every job we post. We’ve also created an equitable hiring process that aims to remove every bias possible and provide a level playing field to every applicant.

Equity: Our Ongoing Initiatives

We know “equal” doesn’t always mean “fair.” That’s why our team actively pursues initiatives to create a more equitable space for all employees when it comes to roles, responsibilities, and compensation.
These initiatives include:

Pay Equity Audit:

Using in-depth salary analysis and industry research, we bridged the gap between existing gender- and race-based pay gaps. Today, every current (and future) employee is compensated through an equitable salary band, based on years of experience and tenure — no awkward negotiations necessary.

Salary Transparency:

All open positions are advertised with visible salary ranges. We’ve also developed an internal policy for our staff, so all employees know where they stand (and what the future holds).

Equitable Interviewing
& Hiring:

Through blind application review, inclusive interviewing techniques, and other policies, we aim to create as unbiased a hiring process as humanly possible.

Ongoing Training
& Development:

Our DEI committee meets every two weeks to review goals and initiatives, and our team members receive DEI training and refresher courses throughout the year to keep our biases in check.

Inclusion: Building the Inflow Family

We want everyone to feel like they belong at Inflow — which is why we’ve built a work environment full of flexibility, options, and support.

As a fully remote agency, our team members can create the schedule that works best for them. Whether you’re shuffling kids back and forth to school or you do your best work in the early morning hours, we let you find the best 40-hour workweek for your needs. (We even offer part-time positions for our friends who need even more flexibility.)

And, with additional perks like our monthly health and wellness stipend, paid mental health days, and paid parental leave, our staff is welcome to take time to support their life needs (without worrying about leaving their teammates in a lurch).

Finally, weekly check-ins with managers and bi-weekly Donut chats with coworkers mean Inflowers are never out of the loop, even if their closest team member lives a thousand miles away.

Active Staff Average Tenure: 3.75 years
Average Staff Retention Rate: 78%

Community: Creating the World We Want to Live In

Inflow’s commitment to DEI doesn’t stop when we power down our laptops. We’re actively engaged in our communities to give back and create a more equitable society for all.

Our team partners with local students from underrepresented communities to offer career advice, mentorship, and more. We also organize teamwide activities for our Inflow Gives Back and Civic Action Days, which each Inflower can use to support organizations and causes close to their hearts.

Finally, we pledge to match your personal donations through our Donation Matching Program, so your financial support can have an even bigger impact on the non-profits that matter to you.

If you believe the same, apply to become the newest Inflower today.