The Perks of Working at Inflow

We love our employees. Seriously. “Every team member is a raving fan” is even one of our core values.

How do we deliver on that promise?

Through a top-notch benefits package that’s continually expanding to meet our staff’s needs.

Remote Work Icon

 Remote Work — Your Way

Flexible remote work is the name of the game at Inflow. There’s no clock-punching here; outside of our “core work hours” from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, you get to build the schedule that’s best for you. (And, thanks to our Flex Friday policy, that could even be a four-day workweek!)

Whether you’re at your home office, working from your grandma’s house in Ohio, or checking in from Belize, we trust our team to get the job done, wherever they’re at. 

We also provide you the funds to make it happen, with a home office budget to cover:

  • Laptop
  • Monitors
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Keyboard, mouse, & dongles
  • Laptop stands
  • And more

If working from your house isn’t quite cutting it, we also offer a Deskpass membership for those who prefer hitting up a shared office space. Use it anytime to meet other coworkers in person, stay focused, and create a work-from-home schedule that works for you.

Vacation & Time Off

In order to work hard when you’re on the clock, we believe you need time to reset. So, we offer a standard two weeks’ vacation12 company holidays (including Juneteenth and MLK Day!), and accrued floating holidays to use for whatever’s important to you.

Oh, and you’ll also get an extra Celebration Day each year as a paid day off — because whoever said your birthday shouldn’t be a recognized holiday was clearly wrong.

Health & Wellness

When it comes to health insurance, you’ll get the works. Inflow offers multiple plans, covering every employee’s dental, vision, life, and disability insurance in full.

But that’s not all. Every employee also receives a monthly stipend for health and wellness to support their mental and physical well-being. Get a gym membership on us, treat yourself with a massage, or cover your physical and mental therapy bills. It all counts.

Have a doctor’s appointment, caught the flu, or just need a mental health day? No problem. Use your paid sick days to cope with whatever life throws your way — no judgment.

Money Moves

You know your worth, and we make sure you feel it. Not only are our staff salaries extremely competitive, but they’re also fair, too — thanks to our exhaustive, equity-based salary audits and policies

While verbal accolades are great, we also know that your hard work deserves a little more recognition. So, we offer performance-based bonuses, set by your manager and yourself, to keep the good energy flowing.

To cap it all off, you’ll also receive paid memberships to IDShield and LegalShield, services you can use to protect your identity online and take care of any legal issues that pop up (like speeding tickets, home contracts, and more).


New kiddo? Take three weeks on us to get to know your new addition. We provide paid parental leave, as well as general monetary support, to ease the financial impact of the newest member of your family.

And, if fur babies are more your speed, we’ve got you covered, too. Get yourself a work buddy for free with our pet adoption fee reimbursement program.


Community Icon

We recognize how fortunate we are, so we give every staff member time off to give back to their communities, however they see fit.

Your yearly Inflow Gives Back Day provides eight paid hours to volunteer or support community programs that are important to you. An annual Civic Action Day lets you take up to eight hours of paid time to vote, or participate in political activism, marches, demonstrations, and other events and causes you believe in.



Here at Inflow, we’re all about continuous improvement, and we give you the support to make it happen. Every employee gets an annual continuing education budget to build their skills and keep advancing their careers.

Want to build your personal brand and rub shoulders with the best of them? Every employee has the opportunity to be published on our industry blog, where you can share your thought leadership and get noticed by your fellow marketing geeks.

Finally, our thorough training and development process means we’re always looking to the next step in your career — giving you opportunities to explore new roles and responsibilities while remaining a loyal Inflower.