Inflow’s Company Culture

Culture is a pretty popular buzzword that companies like to throw around, but what does it actually mean?

Inflow Pitch Lab EventAt Inflow, we believe culture is more than just a collection of fun, flexible policies; more than pouring yourself a beer from the office keg; more than office dogs and ping-pong (don’t get us wrong, though, we love table tennis. And dogs.). Culture is something that naturally occurs when you hire industry trailblazers, great communicators, and people with a relentless passion to do better, to create, to innovate; then get out of their way. Culture is what happens when you empower people to do the right thing. Culture is about having core values that go beyond simply filling the company coffers.


Inflowers Meet Captain AmericaAt Inflow, our culture is built on trust. We do the right thing for our team and our clients every time. Full stop. We want every client and every employee to be a raving fan of the company and, as we see it, that starts with empowerment. Nobody gets micromanaged here. Each and every Inflower has a say in how they do what they do and is encouraged to work with their team to improve processes along the way. We invest a lot of time, money, and brain power in our employees’ growth–personally and professionally. From a generous training and conference budget for each employee (even our most junior-level people) and volunteer days to weekly manager feedback and clearly outlined milestones and role expectations, we have processes in place to support our employees’ development. Quite simply, constant growth and improvement are vital to our success. This industry changes fast–and we kind of dig that whole continuous improvement thing… it is one of our core values, after all.

We’re experts and we’re results-oriented. Because we’ve curated top-notch talent, we’re fortunate in that we have the expertise to take a holistic approach to our clients’ digital marketing needs. There’s no cookie cutter solution here. There’s no boilerplate roadmap that gets applied to each account. Each site is unique and we treat it as such. At Inflow, we focus on a select few, high-impact services and ensure we’re the very best at delivering those solutions. And our laser focus has worked! Our SEO team is on the Moz Top 50, our Paid Team was a Top 5 Finalist as selected by Google for growing client revenue via Google Ads, and our CRO department is one of the few dedicated eCommerce-focused conversion rate optimization teams in North America.

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The trust and transparency don’t stop with our own internal team, though. We extend that same value to our clients. We’re picky about who we work with and specialized in what we do.

Inflow Dogs Playing Tug of WarIn the end, if our clients don’t do well, we don’t do well, and in the interest of trust and transparency, we don’t promise what we can’t deliver. There’s no salesman behind the curtain blindly pitching products. If we can’t help, we don’t say we can; we refer people to partners who are better suited to assist—even if we have nothing to gain. Throughout the sales process, we work closely with our subject matter experts to determine realistic expectations and goals. This means nobody is inheriting Mission Impossible with a client who has insanely unrealistic expectations… because last we checked, Tom Cruise doesn’t work here.

So, what’s culture? Every company is different. But at Inflow, it’s all about all about our people. It’s about hiring experts and empowering them to excel–to grow, innovate, and optimize. And if they just so happen to own a cute dog, it’s icing on the cake.