Sean Salamone

Hi, I’m Sean! (he/him/his)

Title: Sr. SEO Strategist | Team: SEO | At Inflow Since: 2020

General Bio

I started my career in SEO at a digital marketing agency and have never looked back. I’m a data-driven marketing strategist with more than 8 years of experience who is passionate about SEO. Having worked exclusively in agencies, I’ve worked with clients in all different industries including healthcare, home improvement, eCommerce, automotive, IT, and many more! I love helping businesses connect to their customers through in-depth content strategies and excellent user experience.

Originally from the Philadelphia area, I attended Millersville University not far from home in Lancaster, PA, graduating with a degree in marketing. I first interned at a print marketing agency, but quickly made the transition to digital marketing in my first job and have loved it ever since.

After realizing I was tired of the cold, I moved to warmer weather and now live in St. Petersburg, FL — The Sunshine City. I love getting outside as much as possible, whether it’s getting out for a beach day, kayaking through the mangroves, or playing a few rounds of disc golf. Although I moved away from Pennsylvania, I still know where my roots are and am a huge Philly Sports fan! (GO BIRDS!)

What’s the most fun thing you’ve bought with your Build Your Own Perks?

I bought tires for my truck. Not the most fun but practical!

What’s the best part about working at Inflow?

The team and internal support! Working remotely can be tough, but our group gets along so well and we have fun, despite not being in person. The internal support is also amazing. The team totally trusts me and supports me in whatever I want to do, whether it’s with a client or with my own career goals. Having that backing makes work a lot less stressful.

Do you have a favorite Inflow moment?

Getting to meet with Mike and the rest of the Inflor-ida team was awesome and a lot of fun!

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

I guess maybe playing Ultimate or Disc Golf full time. Or maybe I would be in a band? Not musically talented, but I just love music a lot!

Please share your favorite gif and explain why it’s your favorite:


Because I love Gritty — and also he’s right.