Hi, I’m Mike

Title: CEO | Team: Admin & Leadership | At Inflow Since: 2007

Mike BelascoGeneral Bio:

Nickname: Seadog

Originally from Houston, I went to CU Boulder and graduated with a degree in Business Information Systems. I worked for Level 3 Communications, Sun Microsystems, and US Fish and Wildlife as web developer.

I jumped ship from corporate America and started my own affiliate website (this is where I cut my teeth on online marketing), started Mike The Internet Guy which later became seOverflow and then Inflow (I also started a business called ConversionIQ then merged it into Inflow along the way). My vision for the future of internet marketing is based on moving away from interruption marketing and to Inbound Marketing for a more holistic answer for all internet marketing needs

I’ve been operating Inflow as an agency since 2007. 

I’m an avid fly fisherman and dig the band Phish.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

I love doing online marketing especially SEO and unless I won the lottery would probably be doing something related to online marketing still.

Please share your favorite gif and explain why it’s your favorite:

No explanation needed.

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