Hi I’m Kaylene

Title: Paid Search Strategist | Team: Paid Advertising || At Inflow Since: 2017

Kaylene Gillis, PPC CoordinatorGeneral Bio:

Nickname: Kills

I was born and raised just south of Denver and now live in the heart of downtown. My love for marketing began in high school. I was part of an organization called DECA which introduced me to the world of marketing. I then went on to study marketing at the University of Colorado Boulder and my favorite class I took was Digital Marketing. My Digital Marketing professor led me to Inflow, and I have been working here ever since!

What’s the most fun thing you’ve bought with your Build Your Own Perks? – OR – What do you plan to buy with Build Your Own Perks?

The most fun thing I’ve bought myself is round-trip tickets to Nashville. I love to travel, so I plan on buying more flights in the near future…I just don’t know where to yet.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

I would be laying on a beautiful beach and/or traveling around the world!

Please share your favorite gif and explain why it’s your favorite:

Is This Thing On Mic Check Gif - Image via Giphy

First of all, the kitten in this is purrfect, and I absolutely love cats. When someone on the PPC team takes a long time to respond to a message on Slack, we send each other “mic check” giphys such as this one to remind people about the message we are waiting on a response for.