Paid Search and Social Path

PPC Intern

Paid Search Intern

Have you ever wondered how Google Shopping knows just what you’re looking for? That’s the magic of paid search, and it all starts with the Paid Search Internship.
The PPC Internship is a three-month, full-time paid internship opportunity (with the chance to turn into a permanent role) for the entry-level marketer that is looking to cut their teeth in the world of paid search. Do real, meaningful work and learn from true paid search professionals, too. Think project management, reporting, analysis, etc. — all the important, behind-the-scenes stuff that makes the machine run.
Yes, that also includes Chinese takeout. No, really. What do you think greases the wheels, if not sesame chicken?
PPC Coordinator

Paid Search Coordinator

Our Paid Search Coordinators are the task-tacklers of the Paid Team. They dig daily into AdWords and Bing, manage campaigns for some of our most important clients, and make strategic recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness. If the intern is simply learning the ropes, the Coordinator is starting to hone their skills by not only making campaign tweaks but also recommendations based on data analysis.
PPC Strategist

Paid Search Strategist

The strategist is Inflow’s burgeoning Paid Search guru. They are a spreadsheet samurai, adept Adwords architect, client-minded campaign champion. They are equal parts white-gloved client management expert; analytical Google geek; and testing, tweaking, never-quite-satisfied optimization driver. The Strategist works directly with our eCommerce clients to derive insights and come up with strategies that produce results (and make our clients giddy about the ROI we deliver).
PPC Sr. Strategist

Paid Senior Strategist

Inflow’s Senior Strategists are on the cutting edge of what’s possible in Paid Search. Not only can they jump on a call with a CEO of one of our client companies and spell out the value of what we do, but they’re also just as comfortable teaching others on the team their paid search hacks.
First and foremost, the Senior Strategist is an expert. They’re almost mythical in their mastery of complex paid search strategies. They lead the way with our largest eCommerce clients (we’re talking hundreds of thousands of SKUs). Somehow, these challenges don’t phase them. They just sit down in front of their monitors, crack their knuckles, and get to it: optimizing, executing, optimizing, executing, etc.
PPC Manager

PPC Manager

The ultimate mentor, teacher, sharer of sage paid search wisdom: the Paid Search Manager is a master. They’ve been there, done that.
As a result, it’s their responsibility to assist members of their team with thinking through problems — like how to manage issues with clients, how to best utilize new tools or software, or simply how to think strategically about complex campaigns. The Manager isn’t there to hand out answers but to help empower the employees on their team to figure it out.
You know what they say about giving a man a fish versus teaching a man to fish. The Paid Search Manager is the ultimate fishing guide.