Conversion Optimization Path

CRO Intern

CRO Intern

Are you the type of internet user who actually fills out the surveys about site usability? Do you find yourself frustrated when you can’t easily find what you’re looking for when you’re ready to buy something on an eCommerce site? It might be time to take a look at Inflow’s Conversion Rate Optimization Internship.
It’s a three-month, full-time paid internship opportunity for entry-level user-experience-minded analysts who are looking to cut their teeth in the world of website optimization. Learn about what actually converts the casual visitor to a customer and how to implement basic strategies on real sites to make our clients’ web pages easier to use. At Inflow, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from our team of CRO pros who have a ton of knowledge to share.
CRO QA Analyst

QA Analyst

Does your attention to detail and efficiency mean you can find the misplaced comma in 20 lines of code? Keen eyes help make a great QA Analyst.
The QA Analyst works with our own internal strategists to understand recommended website improvements and works with outside developers to make sure those recommendations are implemented properly. They double- and triple-check projects delivered by developers against specs to make sure the project meets the client’s goals and expectations. On top of that, they’re the test specialist at Inflow. Our QA Analyst manages test development queues for a variety of projects.
CRO Advisor

CRO Advisor

The CRO Advisor is an absolute magician when it comes to the specialized art of conversion rate optimization. One minute, they’re setting up an A/B test to see which customer-friendly badges work best on a site; the next, they might find themselves telling a client that their website sucks (in a way that’s James-Dean-levels of smooth).
They know CRO best practices; they know analytics; they know what works. They’re experts in Google Analytics, so that the data we collect turns into full-blown, holy-shit-Batman recommendations to our clients. They’ve perfected the art of linguistic code-switching between developer-speak and suave, smooth-talking client whisperer.
CRO Sr. Advisor

Senior CRO Advisor

Inflow’s Senior CRO Advisor is a person on the cutting edge of conversion rate optimization. Not only can they jump on a call and sweet talk the CEO of one of our client companies to spell out the value of what we do, but they’re also just as comfortable teaching others on the team their ultimate conversion hacks.
First and foremost, the Senior Advisor is an expert. They’re almost mythical in their mastery of complex conversion optimization strategies. They have a hypnotist’s ability to take website visitors and get them to dig their credit cards out of their pocket. They make our client websites work that well. They wax poetic on split testing, drop-downs, endless scroll, and heat-mapping. This is what they love doing. Seriously