Hi I’m Christina

Title: CFO | Team: Admin & Leadership | Tenure: 9 Years at Inflow

Christina Griggs, CFOGeneral Bio:

Christina has spent her entire life in and around the business world. Her family owned and operated the oldest family-owned business in Canada until 2015. The family shoe business, started in 1867, went through many changes, challenges and triumphs, including the development of discount stores and a rapidly changing business environment. Exposure to the business challenges her family faced led Christina to enjoy helping others navigate through dynamic business conditions.

During her professional career, Christina has worked as a short-interest trader in London and as an investment advisor with Dean Witter (now JP Morgan). As Chief Financial Officer for a successful corporate housing firm in Denver, Christina implemented streamlined reporting to identify key metrics for decision making, staff incentive programs, and operational process that removed inefficiencies.

Christina founded Gemsbok Consulting, Inc. after helping a struggling business reorganize their financial reporting, pinpointing exactly where they were losing money. Thanks to Christina’s intense curiosity and commitment to helping transform their business, this company still operates today. Almost 18 years later, Christina has worked with over 200 different companies to help them develop and maintain efficient financial and operating structures.

Christina first came to Inflow as a consultant and her role grew with the company. Since starting work with Inflow in 2010, Christina has developed reporting that provides Directors and the CEO insights into client profitability, company goals, client and staff retention, and many other key metrics used in decision making. Currently, Christina still has her consulting practice, but only works with a few select clients.

For fun, Christina enjoys playing ice hockey, camping, spending time with her family, playing games, watching movies, knitting and traveling. She’s an avid Cross-fitter and coaches her son’s hockey team.

What’s the most fun thing you’ve bought with your Build Your Own Perks? – OR – What do you plan to buy with Build Your Own Perks?

Tickets to take the family to some musicals – Stomp and Aladdin were the family favorites.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

If I didn’t have to work at all, I’d work on my idea of developing a way to bring tools and resources to traditional classrooms to support kids with Dyslexia. I’d also volunteer at and promote Vertical Skills Academy (a school in Evergreen just for Dyslexic kids). I’d spend my time figuring out a way to get these kids the support they need regardless of their families financial ability to pay for services or a private school.

Please share your favorite gif and explain why it’s your favorite:

Um, no idea.