Employee Profiles

Shane Klein

Hi, I’m Shane! (he/him/his) Title: Business Development Manager | Team: Admin & Leadership | At Inflow Since: 2016 General Bio: Hailing from the outskirts of Detroit (I would say “Go Lions,” but they never go anywhere), I spent my post-college years as a golf pro traveling the country. Unlike most people, I dreamed of LESS … Read more

Devon Cox

Hi, I’m Devon! (he/him/his) Title: CRO Team Lead | Team: CRO | At Inflow Since: 2012 General Bio: Devon Cox has been an Internet marketing professional for more than 15 years. After graduating from Boston College in 1997 with a degree in business and computer science, Cox started an IT consulting business where he worked … Read more

Mandy Wall

Hi, I’m Mandy! (she/her/hers) Title: SEO Manager | Team: SEO | At Inflow Since: 2015 General Bio: I began my career in digital marketing in 2011 and have enjoyed exploring different parts of the industry ever since. I enjoy the technical aspects of SEO and really like digging into and building different content marketing strategies. … Read more

Alex Juel

Hi, I’m Alex! (he/him/his) Title: Sr. Manager of SEO | Team: SEO | At Inflow Since: 2008 General Bio: I was born and raised in Denver, CO. After graduating with a degree in computer science in 2005, I came across a Craigslist ad looking for a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. The ad wanted people who … Read more

Olivia Smith

Hi, I’m Olivia! (she/her/hers) Title: Sr. Paid Strategist | Team: Paid Advertising | At Inflow Since: 2018 General Bio: Nickname: O I’m from the Miami area (insert Will Smith joke here) originally and have worked in eCommerce paid search ever since graduating from UCF. About a year after I graduated, I decided to move to … Read more

Tory Gray

Hi, I’m Tory! (she/her/hers) Title: Sr. SEO Consultant| Team: SEO | At Inflow Since: 2017 General Bio: I graduated from USF in Tampa, Florida, magna cum laude from the honors college. After college, my first “real job” was at a .NET web dev & digital marketing agency. After two years, I made the big leap … Read more

Mike Belasco

Hi, I’m Mike! (he/him/his) Title: CEO | Team: Admin & Leadership | At Inflow Since: 2007 General Bio: Nickname: Seadog I’ve been an entrepreneur and digital marketer since 2003, when I first launched a brand in the online gambling industry. I graduated from the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder and honed my skills … Read more