Hi, I’m Calvin! (he/him/his)

Title: SEO Strategist | Team: SEO| At Inflow Since: 2021

Calvin Carter

General Bio

I have been working in digital marketing for over 10 years, specializing in SEO for the past seven years. I have a strong background in HTML/CSS that has led me to create many of my own websites for fun and profit. I also have a great eye for aesthetics, thanks to my previous experience as a graphic designer. I am happy to put my analytical and technical skills to work as an SEO Strategist for Inflow.

As a Kansas native, I moved to Denver in 2015 with my wife and two children. Since then, we’ve added two more children to our family for a total of four. When I’m not optimizing sites, I enjoy spending time with my family, lifting weights, and throwing down on the grill.

What’s the most fun thing you’ve bought with your Build Your Own Perks? – OR – What do you plan to buy with Build Your Own Perks?

I want to use it to pay for part of our next family vacation to the beach!

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

I would be an athletic trainer or a weight training coach.

Please share your favorite gif and explain why it’s your favorite:

This gif is usually giving a different perspective on a situation. Not always better, but different…